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Aoko Nakamori ([personal profile] moptothehead) wrote2009-08-13 10:44 pm
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Fourth Mop

I can't decide what classes to take.

Have you picked yours yet, Kaito?

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I'm taking Magic Theory!

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Sure. Mechanics is kinda like magic. And chemistry, too.

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You can make better effects if you know about mechanics.

Eh? Math? You really like math, don't you?

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Sometimes, not all the time!

It's more boring becuase it's easy.

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So you're taking Math and Magic Theory. What else?

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Huh. I didn't think that'd be a class you'd take.

Keh, figures. Make me some cookies while you're in there.

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Did I say anything was wrong with it?

C'mon, you'll make me cookies either way!

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It's not! It's just not something I though you would take!

Because I'm your best friend.

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I dunno!

... but I'm your best friend.

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Is too!

So I get cookies now?

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Is too!

But yours are better!

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It is not a cop-out!

Thanks, Aoko~

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Oi oi! You don't think I'm thinking badly of you, do you?