moptothehead: (pic#1340376)
Aoko Nakamori ([personal profile] moptothehead) wrote2009-09-28 11:15 pm

[Private; hackable]

It's a little lonely, spending it this way... but it isn't too bad, and I'm still making friends, after all. It was really nice out today, and Labrador-san let me try his candy flowers. And that stupid virus is finally over and I can wear my clothes again! And Akako-chan is here now too!

If we're still here next year, I'll make sure to have a real birthday party and invite everyone. Maybe we can even have it in the cafe!

....I wonder if this means we'll get another birthday when we go home. I hope so. I wanted to invite Keiko-chan... and see if Dad remembered this year...

((Slightly backdated to earlier this morning. Someone's turning 18~))

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