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OOC: Get your meme on!

I may not be playing her in any official games right now, but I think we've gone well over the 1k comment mark for this lady.

So I think it's about time for a questions meme!

(And as an added bonus you can ask anything about my 19038567195 other DC characters. They include:

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[personal profile] jackoclubs's Aoko (ish)
Kazuo and Natsue Kuroba
man idek any more, OTHER CHARACTERS '-')
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Do you like me circle one y/y/hell y
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... oh no it's an adorable raccoon ///
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... Thusia throws his hands in the air, says FUCK THIS WHY DOES EVERY OTHER VERSION OF ME EXCEPT FOR ME GET THE GIRL AND GET LAID IN THE PROCESS, and storms off all bitterly jealous and angry at himself for dying before saying anything to Aoko :|a

Clearwater tries to be the reasonable part of the duo and sit Thusia down so they can have a feelings jam. Thusia would probably be stiff and detached and poker facing super hard, which Clearwater would recognize, but he'd prod gently until he got Thusia to actually talk. IT WOULD BE IMPRESSIVE. And then Clearwater calls Thusia stupid for dying :|a

Same for the two Aokos? :U

[personal profile] pandorabox 2012-04-25 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
I am pretty sure Kaito would just Psyduck all over the place. H-HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, AOKO IS KID, THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? He would be incredibly angry at the Black Organization for killing another person, especially since that person was Aoko, but he would like. Not know how to deal with a Kidoko at all. THERE WOULD BE FEELINGS, about her being dead and about him not being Kid in another universe and it would just. Take some time for him to get used to things. But eventually he would deal! It just might take a while of him wading through feelings first.
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[personal profile] larcenous 2012-03-29 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)

What would Thusia Aoko think of Isa/Sabra Aoko?