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Aoko Nakamori ([personal profile] moptothehead) wrote2009-05-11 12:43 am


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I can't go this year.

I hope okaa-san doesn't mind. I know it can't be helped, but... this is the first year I missed it. Aoko can't afford to pay Ichihara-san to go back home even for one day.

Everyone says we'll only be gone for a month at most back in our world, which means Mother's Day can't have passed yet, but Kaito and I came here in April. What if... what if we still don't get back in time for it? Dad will have to go to her grave all by himself. He won't even know where we are.

And on top of that Kaito and I are fighting...

I really don't like this school sometimes.

Hacked :|

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. . .

What's the price to go home?

He's good with computers and couldn't resist D:

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You didn't answer my question.

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If we're here long enough, and it's Mother's Day back at home, I'll pay it so you can go visit your mom.

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Idiot girl, I never said I had to.

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You were the one saying you couldn't afford it!


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It's not Mother's Day at home!


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But if you wanted to go home now, I'd still pay it for you.

... he's teasing

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Are you kidding? If I paid for Mother's Day, I'd make you pay for Father's Day!

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Because by then you'd have time to gain up enough credit so you could afford it!

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It's not that big of a deal. It's only one day. Aoko, I'd pay it if you couldn't.

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She wouldn't take anything important I hope. Maybe a few magic tricks or something.

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But you'd get to go home and see your mom. Look, I'm just trying to be nice!

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Aoko, do you want to go home?

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Sure! We could get ice cream or something after!

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... er. Good. I didn't mean to make you so mad.